/SC_TV edit
SC_TV was originally aired in September of 2002 on German music tv channel 'VIVA', and subsequently at film festivals around the world. It stands alone as a one off audiovisual hour long trip taking in Super Colliders' influences for their Raw Digits album, Red Designs animationand artwork for the album and zeroh's animation, editing and illustration. The audio consists of a mix created by Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell skating across genres and layering up tracks to entice and unnerve the listener taking in ESG and letting out Del Shannon, Wu Tang through Spillin Visions, Frank Zappa having phone sex with Cathy McKinney. Visually it reflects each track in it's own right but there are common threads taken from Red's artwork which make it a whole, plus zeroh's input to the project which includes animation, post production and video content such as Maltese firework displays, clips of S_C live, fantasy pop videos and wheel chair bound hookers sit in amongst the TV channel interference which zeroh edited together to complement the audio mixes twists and turns.